Our Strategy

Our Strategy

According to the Association’s business strategy for protecting of individual investors, focus has been placed on two strategic objectives, for all subsidiary and operational objectives to build upon:


First: Enabling individual investors with knowledge and supporting them with legal advice to raise their level of awareness of the capital market, its regulations and laws, and their rights and duties, in a way that contributes to improve their capabilities and skills in trading and various transactions related to the Saudi Capital Market.

Second: Contributing to the development of the Saudi Capital Market through integration with government entities to raise market transparency and enhance its reliability and achieve the objectives of the financial sector development program by stimulating the concepts of saving, financing, and investment.


Our Role

  1. Raising the financial and legal awareness of individual investors and expanding their knowledge.
  2. Providing advice and legal assistance to members and individual investors.
  3. Liaising with the regulatory authorities to support the cases of affected individual investors and contribute to their protection.
  4. Integrating with regulatory authorities to understand and analyze the performance of listed companies and financial institutions.
  5. Analyzing and evaluating systems, regulations, policies, and legislation affecting individual investors and providing the necessary proposals and recommendations to them.


Association Services

1- Developing awareness and educational materials

2- Providing legal and financial advice

3- Assistance in building Class Action sheets

4- Assistance in drafting individual and group pleadings

5- Supporting and contributing to beneficiaries’ contracts with law firms

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